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Artist Statement

Through my art I tell stories and portray scenes, which words cannot convey. When I create art I am reflecting thoughts and feelings. My dear departed friend Victor Bagno calls this process "visual literacy”. The universe of visual literacy requires no language, though it may speak volumes we may use language to describe what a work of art makes us feel or our interpretations of the artists intent but my art is what it is and not what it’s suppose to be.  Visual literacy is like music without notes it needs no formula and is open to interpretation.

In my work if you see it, it is there regardless of my intention. I want the viewer to create his or her own interpretations and or intention. In all of my art the journey is the destination. I’m not certain where I'm going and sometimes a wrong turn takes me to the right place! Often my intentions may be lost during my journey and only discovered after reaching my destination.


 Richard M. Gullion

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